For Our Future

At Mesabi Metallics, we are a responsible mining company benefitting local communities, dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for Minnesota’s Iron Range. We are working to provide jobs for our friends and neighbors and doing our part to make sure our local schools have the resources they need. We are proud to be deeply rooted in mining tradition in the Iron Range and are fighting for the mineral leases that would allow us to remain viable in the region. We are asking for your support to keep this vision alive. Together, we can strengthen our community and pave the way for progress, economic prosperity, and green steel initiatives.

Make the call today to help shape a brighter tomorrow.

man in a hard hat at the Mesabi Metallics construction site.

Where We Are Now

workers in hardhats working on a steel beam at the Mesabi Metallics site.

Creating Jobs

During the construction period of this project, 1000 union jobs will be created in the Iron Range community. Following the two-year construction phase, we are fostering sustainable growth for generations with more than 350 direct, well-paying, long-term positions, and over 700 indirect jobs. Your work is what built our community, local jobs are what will sustain it.

steel beam structure with workers in the foreground at the Mesabi Metallics site.

Going Green

We are leading the charge in the US steel industry with our investment in a game-changing “Green” DRI facility. We’re putting Minnesota at the forefront of the green steel revolution, accelerating toward the Net Zero emissions target while making the Mesabi Iron Range the leading low-carbon steel production region of the United States. Our children deserve the best future we can offer, and it starts today.

workers in hardhats standing near a steel beam structure and heavy equipment at the Mesabi Metallics site.

Funding Education

Imagine what our school districts could do with over $500 Million dollars in additional revenue. In times of recession, this can be the difference between outdated textbooks and the latest technology. $500 Million dollars is what we will contribute to the School Trust Lands Fund over the life of the mine. This revenue is an invaluable infusion of books, computers, and Friday Night Lights that grow our next generation into educated adults with bright futures.

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Itasca County Stands With Mesabi Metallics

Mesabi Metallics celebrated solidarity from the Itasca County Board of Commissioners on May 16, 2023, as they passed a resolution recommending that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) amend its current mineral lease proposal to fairly, equitably & transparently distribute mineral leases between Mesabi Metallics and Cleveland Cliffs. Currently, all leases are proposed to be allotted to Cleveland Cliffs, and Mesabi Metallics is excluded entirely from it. This recommendation would allow both companies to remain viable in the region.

The board also requested that the Minnesota Executive Council (which consists of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and Attorney General) amend the DNR’s decision in order to include Mesabi Metallics as a party to receive mineral leases from the State closer to the commencement of Operations, as being in the State’s best interests.

The decision to enact or deny the County’s resolution now falls on the Executive Council.

men working on a steel beam structure at the Mesabi Metallics site.

Make Your Voice Heard

To keep our vision alive and to bring jobs, education, and green steel initiatives to our area, we need your support. We are asking local residents to contact Executive Council members and urge them to give state mineral leases to Mesabi Metallics so our project can go ahead and we can continue on our mission to build the Iron Range for a better tomorrow.

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